In Greek/ Στα Ελληνικά
We specialize in fresh fruit & vegetables from around the world throughout the year.


We are located in the Central Fruit market of Athens Greece, specializing in fruit and vegetable wholesale trade. We trade both in domestic and imported goods depending on the seasonal demand and their availability in Greece. We, currently, import directly from France, Holland, Belgium and Argentina, but we are always looking for interesting business propositions from around the Globe.

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Our Company

We are a family business with a forty year tradition in the fruit and vegetable wholesale trade. Traditionally the company only traded in potatoes, onions and garlic. However, since the early 90s, mainly due an expansion in the premises, more products were added to the product line. Currently, the product line covers most fruit and vegetables both imported and domestic according to the seasonal demand.
The Central fruit market of Athens is located, ideally, near the port of Piraeus and closely to the main national roads of Greece leading both to the north and the south, therefore having easy access to all parts of Greece.

Our Business Philosophy

Our objective is to provide quality products at competitive prices, having customer satisfaction as our main concern.